Thursday, October 22, 2009

Problems in changing O.S

hello friend, wanted to know if I could help with a Chinese cell phone to buy a few days ago, is like the BlackBerry 9500 Storm, and I wanted to do is try to change the operating system or whatever works for me as Blacberry as on:
- Wifi
- Msn
- E-mail

..... etc.

Its not easy to do so as there is hardware limitations in chinese mobiles .You cannot change its o.s to one like in a black berry.Till now there no such tutorials so enjoy your new phone as it is.As far as i know there no hlp centres of chinese phones in many countries.

Remember there large cost difference between these two mobiles

For any more doubts do comment here

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  1. i wanna some software to edit o modificate the themes, the unlock keypad sound, edit menus....... so forth..........

    i try using Pc China Mobil but dont regonize and dont know wut software can use........