Thursday, June 11, 2009


windows media centre

Paint thats very cool in windows 7

Notepad version 6.1 (built 7100) windows 7 ultimate

Windows Media player version 12.0.7100.0
inbuilt games same as vista

Gadgets here in windows 7 are available in small and large sizes as you want also these are not floating as in vista.
in windows 7 you can move gadgets at some positions.
here you have a a bigger windows media centre gadget

you have option to add more of them from

right click menu in windows 7

The right click menu in windows 7 is more comfortable to use providing
new options here
--adding gadgets
--undo delete

windows 7 themes

The windows 7 themes are quite easy to use you have in built themes that contain a pack of wallpapers changing at given time .The colour of the window is also visible and specified in the theme.Microsoft also have themes that you can download from .

windows 7 making changes to user safety and privacy

windows 7 making changes to user safety and privacy

As in contrast to windows vista in which not all editions offer group policy edit the windows 7 offer you gpedit.msc


WINDOWS 7 is a very powerful and easy operating system as we can see
in the picture is a desktop view of built 7100 evaluation copy windows 7
you wave a new more flashy startup and also an easily accessible taskbar
where you have option to see the icon name / only icon/or both that makes it easy.