Thursday, October 22, 2009

How to connect laptop charger wires

Do this only if you know how to solder and check shorts with a multimeter . the pics here are from my personel experiance.

1.) The wire after the stepdown transformer is dual .One wire in the middle generally white in color and the other is mesh form outside the white wire.

2.) connect the middle white wire with centre of charger plug.

3.) Connect the mesh on the plug outer part.

It works fine .

Problems in changing O.S

hello friend, wanted to know if I could help with a Chinese cell phone to buy a few days ago, is like the BlackBerry 9500 Storm, and I wanted to do is try to change the operating system or whatever works for me as Blacberry as on:
- Wifi
- Msn
- E-mail

..... etc.

Its not easy to do so as there is hardware limitations in chinese mobiles .You cannot change its o.s to one like in a black berry.Till now there no such tutorials so enjoy your new phone as it is.As far as i know there no hlp centres of chinese phones in many countries.

Remember there large cost difference between these two mobiles

For any more doubts do comment here